My Barefoot Holiday- Day 3&4

Kalapathar beach. With the name introduced to me by Karthik (My nature and Havelock Guru) my imagination ran wild with all the things that I could possibly get to see there. Was this beach a reminiscent of a volcanic eruption a long time ago. Was this the only Black Sand beaches in the World! Thoughts could run faster and faster with every new second that passed by. The rest of my days at the Andamans saw me see new things, eat absolutely new types of cuisines that would be there in the ROM of my memory for a very kong time to come. What I saw in the next few days were trees uprooted by the devastating Tsunami that struck the islands. They lie on the beaches a grim reminder of what the island had witnessed that day. I decided to call this a “museum of trees”. These last 2 days of my trip to the Andamans saw me trekking down to the Elephant Beach, a visit to the Neils Cove, eat some very authentic  cuisine.

Each one of them had a different story to tell and a different dimension to it. They shocked  the first timer like me. Trees with their roots above the ground still alive. Life finding a new home on trees that seemed dead. All of them stood there or lying down as though bowing in respect to the forces of nature that once took their lives away.


Life Finding a new Home


Tree Museums- Kalapathar Beach, Andamans
How are they still growing there? I wondered
The Sheer Size of the remains! Roots of a tree. A victim to the forces of nature

My trip also included a trek to the Elephant Beach through the tropical forests that  found here. Rains the previous day ensured that my trek was as adventurous as it got. Slippery slopes, dampness in the air, walking through elephant foot steps and my sweat trickling down my face was what I experienced in this trek.

This being a regular itinerary for all those who visit Havelock, this trek really gets one to do those climbs and a hell of a practice in balancing oneself on those precarious tree roots. I did not get to see any wildlife, there is no wildlife in the Andamans. But, yes I was told that there is an abundance of reptiles in the area. Snakes being the dominant of them all. It was exciting to be on your guard all the time and look out for anything unusual. But as my luck would have it nothing really popped out of the woods to share my excitement.


The Trek to Elephant Beach
Trekking down to the Elephant Beach
Final Leg of my Trek to The Elephant Beach
Elephant Beach-Havelock, Andamans
Snorkelling and Scuba diving- Elephant Beach, Andamans

My Barefoot Holiday ended with a whole lot of First Time experiences and a lot of stories and memories that I would treasure. This destination is India’s Hawaii. There is something very special about the Andamans, only a visit there would establish this. So, what are you waiting for? Pack Your bags and head out to the Andamans! Today.


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