The Andamans: Deeper into the woods

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Well, hello again folks! Apologies for such a delay! Reason being I was on a vacation up there in the north. And I honestly plan to finish writing about Andamans in a couple of more Blogs. :-D.

In the previous of my scribbles, I tried to cover the places one can visit in Port Blair. You must be wondering (and so am I) where on earth are the Beaches in this blog! We’re talking about Andamans, come on! ;-). Show me some water! Exactly, therefore coming up blogs are going to be very watery and salty. :-D. But, but, but please hold your horses before we dive into the grand waters of Bay of Bengal, I really wish to write about the Jarawa safari I mentioned in the previous write-up.

The Great Andaman Trunk Road Safari 

a The Great Andamans Trunk Road to Baratang Island

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