My Barefoot Holiday- Havelock Day 2

B3 Restaurant-Boat Jetty, Havelock-Andamans
Boat Jetty- Havelock, AndamansBarefoot

OK. The Makcruz behind me. I walked out and onto the jetty at Havelock. Finally I thought to myself. The journey was great and worth it, for destination that I have waited for. Ahh! That feeling of overwhelming excitement and happiness was just waiting to get the better of me and get to run around like a little kid exploring the new place that I have been to. From the jetty. I see the B3 Restaurant, a south Indian foodies delight by the day and also a continental Must-Go-To Place for every person visiting Havelock. I instantly fell in love with the overall wooden structure that stood out welcoming every guest who had to walk past it. It was as expected, over crowded. We Indians love our food and its one of those sure shot business success ideas I told myself. At the B3 after a quick cup of tea and my luggage into the car, I started my final leg of my onward journey. Now, to the Barefoot Resort. I have heard so much, so much of this place. The famed Beach No-7, the white sands, the forests etc. that I had started creating stories in my mind of Me here, what I would do, things I would see, things I could eat, the sea, the sand between the toes of my feet! So here I was, going to re-live all what I had thought of. All that I had dreamt of.

Tropical Forests

The drive to the resort was like out of a post card. One colour stood out in all the noise that tried to get my attention. Green. The wetness of the place, the warm thick air I breathed in along with the smell of excitement was Me, here living my thoughts.


Radhanagar Beach, Havelock, Andamans
Radhanagar Beach-Havelock, Andamans

The Barefoot Resorts stands out in many respects. For one it’s very secluded. Its on one of the most sought after beaches in India. The Radha Nagar Beach, or better still like all locational references in Havelock goes, beach No-7. It’s the quaintness of the place that first strikes you. A back to the basics sort of a feel that one has is what a traveller would get to experience here. In one word the whole place, the resort that is, is build of Wood. The darkness of it against the green background and blue skies makes the entire setting very dramatic.

The main lobby and the Bar- Barefoot Resorts, Havelock, Andamans

With the sand in-between my toes my walk to my room was through tall trees looking down at me. Stories and lots of them they begin to tell me, the world there and then. If only they could talk, I thought. Their sways in the September breeze singing a song as I walked down that path on to cottage number 7.

My cottage had name on it. How cool is that? And a brass pot with water in it to wash my feet of the sand and go into my room with clean feet-Barefeet!

My room in the Barefoot Resorts-Havelock, Andamans

Barefoot just wouldn’t stop surprising me. Every turn and every step had something waiting in the corner and that is what kept me all all excited. This for sure wasn’t there in my menu-in anticipation of the excitement I was all excited.

Story Treetellers- Stories by the trees


Japanese Hill-Havelock, Andamans


Tree Hug Anyone?- It would take more than 10 people to hug this tree
GodArt- Tree rings-Havelock, Andamans

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