My Barefoot Holiday- Day 1 Port Blair

With the Blueness below, the constant Humm of an airplane engine and 2 crammed feet my flight to Port Blair started from Chennai. Confused & Excited. As I exited from the  Port Blair airport to be welcomed by the Barefoot Holidays team with my name on a “Board”. very exciting, I like it.

En-Route to the Andamans 

Port Blair. A small and an extremely clean town which is welcoming with its very coastal look and feel, the sloping tiled  roofs, a humidity in the air, and very green. The roads are narrow meandering through the town, busy with it’s own life. I checked into the “Nest” a homestay owned and managed by the Barefoot Group. Like Port Blair, it has a certain charm to it, what struck me the most was the fishing village that the balcony opened itself to. The mornings are very busy here with fishing boats coming in with their catch and customers waiting to buy.

A view from my balcony-The Nest
Waiting for the Fish-Port Blair


Business Has Started- Port Blair
The fishing village in the evening-Port Blair

The stop by at Port Blair was brief I was all set to leave to the Havelock Islands the next morning. All excited and Packed and Re-packed I waited for the sun rise and a departure by the ferry Makruz. It would have been so cool to carry with me an “Excitement Menu” I thought to myself. All those things that keep me genuinely excited and things that I could look forward to. So, the next in the sequence is the Makruz. Departure  to Havelock was at 8 am for a scheduled arrival at 9:30 am. So, Makruz here I come.

The Makruz was a surprise. It looked like it just jumped out of a Movie. Very futuristic I thought to myself. It looked like a huge speed boat. And it did live up to it’s looks. The Makruz reaches Havelock a good half an hour to ninety minutes before the other ferries do. There isn’t much that one can see outside the ferry as the windows are sort of blacked out. This could be because the Port Blair dock yard from where the ferry leaves is a “Restricted  Naval Zone” with no permission to photograph.

The Makruz

The Makruz comes fully “Jazzed” with it’s own cafeteria and comfortable seating. Yes, there is one thing that passengers cannot do and that is to step out on the decks of the ferry. This I though was a good idea with safety of the guests being paramount. The trip was smooth and I felt that the ferry literally glided over water. Was this how a Hovercraft moved? I asked myself.

So, in the Excitement Menu, Port Blair and the Makruz definitely lived up to my expectations.

Now, Havelock Here I come. Barefoot HolidaysBarefoot GroupBarefoot Holiday


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  1. Lovely narration, Anand.

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