The elephant Back Story-Raja’s Dilema

Raja sat there had just eaten and was playing to the morning sun. I was expecting an invite to a ride but the HERO, wasn’t paying any attention to me. I was already his past. He had all but forgotten the days we spend in the kingdom. walking down the streets, with my subjects waving out to me, all pleased to get a glimpse of their King. Ah! My Kingdom. My Life. It was so different those days, So beautiful. so rich and so absolutely colourful.

I walked down the alleys of my mind to find this location for my dream. To sit and paint it. My dreams that is. Color them. Make notes of them. to read them later on and be happy. It already is bringing a smile on my face. when it is over I would be so absolutely delighted. I would show off my dream to the world. And tell them that yes, I did go there and I did visit these dreams. Dreams that were once just fleeting thoughts in my mind. Thoughts that came out of questions. Questions that usually began with the Question. What if?

But for me to start I needed to wake my Raja up. My Raja? well if the owner of the elephant caught me daydreaming of me being the owner of this elephant, he would for sure put me behind bars. Well, then how would he know what I am dreaming of? Is he somebody who could read other peoples thoughts? Dont think so.



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