The Elephant Back Story

maharaja_vector_mainFrom the top the view is a lot better. You get to see things from a different perspective. Things are a lot clearer, you get to look at things from a “Birds Eye Perspective” from the back of “Raja” the elephant this would have to be a very low flying bird but never the less it made me feel at the top of the world.

Raja. What can I say about him. Let me see where I can start from. Well, he is definitely Male. A young guy say about 5 years old. A great guy to know. He carried me with such pride that he literally makes me feel like I am the King of The world. How deceptive I thought. Feelings like these come down the moment you step down from his back. But, what the hell I will enjoy this moment till it lasted. So I took siege of the moment and started acting like a king. But, wait where is my kingdom, my subjects, my queen, My throne, what was the name of this Kingdom? These running through my head, fast asking me for answers. And I did not have any. So. I. decided to do one thing.

I closed my eyes, for a moment. And started dreaming. And right there, right then, decided to make a story. My story from the top of an elephant. Not any elephant. But Raja. In this story I am the king. I am the Kingdom, I am the man on Raja. This is my collection of experiences from the top of Raja. And I call it. The Elephant Back Stories.


So here we go. Lets go!! Raja, walk on.

The Kingdom

Well let’s see. I rule over all lands till my eye can see. Here everything is mine. Everything. The land. The people, what’s grown on it, the cattle. What also belongs to me is what the people do. For a living. I am the reason for their happiness, I am the reason for all their sorrow. All in all My Land looks up to me. For, I am their Creator. Their pacifier, Their destroyer. I am GOD! Wow, that’s too much to handle. To big a title. Just started my story as a commoner I then got on Raja, Started to think that I was a King, and now GOD! The progression I thought was a little too fast. And the growth too hot to handle. Can I? Cant I? handle this. Well what the hell? I am the writer of this so, Let see where this takes me.

so like I was saying all till where my eyes can see belong to me. Me. I feel pride taking over me. I feel a sense of Honour for myself. I came here as a man without anything. Nothing. And see what has happened now. I own everything. All it took was a climb, a few steps. And things started looking different. Raja moved at a nudge to the neck. His ears flapping as if they were fans meant to keep me cool. But, I wasn’t feeling the breeze, he must be doing that to keep the little minions away from troubling him. They all lead me, a man- The mahout, children bare footed, dusty and evidently very happy that they had seen their king on the elephant. I smiled at them. They smiled back. They are happy I though. I am a Good King. I am a great King. What more could I ask for? I smiled at myself.

The sun was high now, Like just over my head. and i was getting thirsty, feeling drained. and for the first time was feeling lonely on the top. Saw the kids stop by at a local well. Dip themselves in buckets of water, drink it and be happy. The smiles on their faces refused to go away. I wanted some. Right now. Some of that water. But I was too high up there. On top of Raja. A king on top of another King! How apt. The one below had his feet to the ground. And I had my feet high above. The one below was the center of all the attraction, I was a Fitment to Raja. The world looked at me like I was kept there or something. But hello, wait. I am the King. The ruler of the land. The God! what sort of a king am I? I cant even quench my thirst here. For a moment a bug called reality bit me. And there in the middle of a busy street in Bangalore I woke up form this dream. it was nice though. Was a pleasant ride. Something that made me happy. I should do this more often. Get on top of Raja, get a high and get down when i am feeling better. Gives my confidence a good boost. And also my imagination runs wild. So wild that sometimes i find it hard to get hold of it.

Now that I am on my feet and don’t have them dangling in the air of a “Dream” I smile to myself and decide that every week I will seek for this high on the “King” and I will ride him, I will wear those clothes that i wanted to feel great once again. Clothes that change the person that I am,clothes that make me feel great and clothes that bring a smile not only to me but my people.The Elephant Back Story Will Be Back. Well, Now with a different Story.


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