Travel-Life’s Journey

For the last few years I have been moving on the word “Go”. Liked it from the beginning. Liked what I saw, what I ate, people whom I met and most importantly memories that i created in the GB’s of my mind. ever since have been on the GO. Sometimes by road, by rail, by Bike and the least impressive of them all by AIR.

The best thing about travel is that it travels itself. Yes, travel itself travels. From One person to another. showing different things to people meaning different things to people, its very much like a movie, a play enacting the best of itself to the world. And I the traveller watching every move it makes, what it is trying to show to me, tell me, sing to me. It is like i discovered the very best means of enlightenment in the world.

In the car. views outside moving like a slides in a “View Master”the wind against the trees, the roads zipping past- the tar seems to look like lines drawn by an unknown force. The electric pole standing still with an occasional bird perching on it, zips past. How long have you been there I wonder, with a tilt to my right i try to keep my sights on it till eyes end.

People walking past. where are they going to,I wonder? where are their homes? What do they do for their livelihood? Do their children go to schools? what are their stories? I love creating stories around small things in life. People for one fascinate me. And like travel they have an intoxicating effect on me.

Welcome to my travels. Welcome to my stories.

India has been my favorite. India has also been a place where I need to travel more. See more. I need to do it. Karnataka, I have seen and quite extensively. My job present and past called for it- Travel i.e. , etc.



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